Saturday, 21 January 2012


Dear Koreancrazed,

In February, One HD will be bringing in 3 new exciting series and don't forget to check these series on channel 393. Here are the snippets:-

Fly Again

Premiere's 6 February 2012 on ONE HD, Astro B.yond Channel 393
Airing Mondays to Tuesdays @ 9.05pm
 *First and Exclusive*

In Fly Again, Ji Jin Hee plays Kim Yoon Sung, a skilled and perfectionist pilot while Goo Hye Sun plays Han Da Jin, his co-pilot and love interest. The drama weaves in stories of the numerous passengers Yoon Sung's responsible for, as well as the various crewmen, custom officers, repair staff, and other employees he comes into contact with regularly.

Stay With Me, My Love

Premiere's 6 February 2012 on ONE HD, Astro B.yond Channel 393
Airing Mondays to Fridays @ 05.10pm
 *First and Exclusive*
Stay With Me, My Love is about a young single mother, Mi Sol and her love triangle relationships with the father of her child, Suk Bin and her newfound love, So Ryong.

In order to avoid social prejudice, Mi Sol's mother decides to raise Mi SOl'd son as her brother. Mi SOl juggles between working part-time at Jin Song Enterprise and studying in order to prepare for her entrance exams to pursue her dreams of becoming a reporter.

Mi Sol and Suk Bin are best friends. Both of them are stressed by their mothers who have excessive interest in their school work. One night, while trying to console each other, Mi Sol and Suk Bin got carried away and they end up sleeping together. Mi Sol becomes pregnant. Upon realising that Mi Sol is pregnant with his child, Suk Bin flies to America to study to shirk the responsibilities of a father.

At Jin Song Enterprise, she meets So Ryong and they start to take interest in one another. Her life takes another interesting turn when Suk Bin returns from America. A love triangle around the three unfolds.

While You Were Sleeping
Premiere's 15 February 2012 on ONE HD, Astro B.yond Channel 393
Airing Mondays to Fridays @ 10.20pm
 *First and Exclusive*
While You Were Sleeping is a melodrama about two couples whose fate becomes entangled due to a medical malpractice that occured during childbirth. SHin Young and Min Joon are a happy couple expecting their first child, while Hyun Sung and Hyun Jin are stuck in an unhappy marriage.
Stuck in an unhappy marriage, Hyun Sung took the opportunity to divorce Hyuk Jin when he was sued for bribery and manipulation. Meanwhile, Hyun Jin's mother, Mrs Jang, learns that her grandson Hwan Hee is not Hyun Jin's biological son, She confrot Hyun Sung. Flustered by Mrs Jang's words, Hyun SUng later errs while performing an emergency birth surgery on SHin Young, leaving her in a coma.
Min Joon and Hyun Sung were high school sweethearts and Hyun Sung had planned tp marry Min Joon. However, when Hyun Sung became pregnant with Min Joon's child, she was forced by her father to marry Hyun Jin.

Upon realising that Hwan Hee is his biological son, Min Joon's feeling for Hyun Sung is rekindle. Finally, min Joon decides to start a new life with Hyun Sung. When everything seems to be going smoothly, Shin Young awakes..


Thursday, 12 January 2012

DiGi Welcomes FT ISLAND to Malaysia

"DiGi Welcomes FT Island to Malaysia" 

DiGi is celebrating the arrival of FT ISLAND to Malaysia for their first solo concert "2012 PLAY! FT ISLAND Concert in Malaysia" by rewarding its 1st 200 users with Free 1 for 1 offer under the DiGi Reward Program. The popular Korean band FT ISLAND will be arriving in Malaysia on 13th January 2012 for their concert on 14th January 2012 at 8.30pm in Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur.

The 1st 200 DiGi user who purchase ROck Zone tickets worth RM468 (excludes RM3 processing fee) will be entitled to another Rock Zone ticket courtesy of DiGi. Each DiGi user is entitled to purchase 1 ticket only.

This offer is valid for all purchases made at iLasso ticketing outlets or at Stadium Negara effective 12th January 2012 while stocks last. For more information, please log on to

Friday, 6 January 2012

Koreancrazed Contest Prize!

Dear Koreancrazed!

Did we mentioned what the winners will get? They will get:
1) 1st Prize : Super Junior Mr Simple + 3 Beast Official Files
2) 2nd prize : Super Junior acha + 1 Beast Official Files
3) 3rd prize : Kim Hyun Joong Breakdown + Beast Phone Strap

Congratulation to all winners and have a nice weekend!!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Congratulation!! Koreancrazed Contest Winners!

As promised, the 3 winners for our first New Year 2012 Koreancrazed Contest.

1. Naddy Chah
2. Mahamud Badawe
3. Afiqah.

Congratulations to all winners. We will post your gift as soon as we receive your full address.
Thank you for supporting Koreancrazed and Happy New Year 2012.