Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Lee Jun Ki in Malaysia??!!

Lee Jun Ki in Malaysia?? No.. at least not yet but Jazzy Group has posted in their FB asking if we would like to have Lee Jun Ki here in Malaysia. OF COURSE WANT LEE JUN KI HERE IN MALAYSIA!!!. So, please visit their FB Jazzy Group and LIKE the entry.. ^^

Monday, 29 October 2012

Dear our beloved readers,
    Here we go, its all about BIGBANG....

credit to RITS

Monday, 22 October 2012

WBS Concert: K Pop Storm Live in Malaysia 2012 - 6 November 2012.

Dear Koreancrazed,

Have you heard about the 'WBS Concert: K Pop Storm Live in Malaysia' 2012? It is the biggest K-Pop concert in Kuala Lumpur and it will be happening on 6 November 2012 at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach!!

This is the first time where SHINEE will lead the Top Korean K Pop Groups. SHINEE is also one of the top five groups in Korea. For all the K-Pop fans, this will be a very rare opportunity to see nine of the most famous K-Pop idol groups from South Korea; SHINee, U-Kiss, Teen Top, Block B, Girls Day, DalShabet, Nobrain, D-Unit and The Gwangdae. Shinee will sing 4 songs and the rest of the group will sing 3 songs each. Isn't this great??!!

For Koreancrazed fans,  do purchase tickets at www.ticketcharge.com.my with reference code KPS02 to win Limited Edition K-Pop Storm Artistes Gifts Packs & Backstage Passes. [Deadline : 31 Oct 2012] Terms and Conditions apply. Please refer the layout below.

For more info please visits FB : KPop Storm.

P/S : Just finish watching To The Beautiful You ^^..  I know I'm a bit late watching it but Choi Min Ho looks really handsome.. ^^

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Pre-order Super Junior’s Paris Photo Book - Closing Date

We are now taking pre-order for Super Junior's Paris Photo Book. 
Limited Edition RM185.00 and Normal Edition RM125.00. (Exclude postage)
Pre-Order close on 24 October 2012.

You can email to us koreancrazed@gmail.com or leave us a comment on our blog or our facebook Page.

 To celebrate their seventh anniversary, Super Junior will be releasing the “Super Junior Boys in City Season 4: Paris” photo book on November 6.

Super Junior held a photo shoot for this photo book last April when they successfully held their standalone concert in France. They were the first Korean group to do so. The photo shoot contains the beauty of Paris and each member’s chic, cosmopolitan and mature charms.

As this is Super Junior’s seventh anniversary, and since they are one of the leading Hallyu K-Pop stars, this photo book will be distributed in other countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and more.

There will be two different versions of the photo book. The normal version will contain the photo shoot, postcard book and poster. The other special version will have everything in the normal version along with a 2013 planner and a DVD with behind-the-scenes footage of Super Junior’s Paris photo shoot.

This photo book will be available for pre-orders on October 17 and will be released for sale on November 6.

Source : Soompi



Korean ballad sensation Tim Hwang tours S.E. Asia to meet his fans for the first time.

Tim Hwang, Korea’s legendary “Prince of Ballads”, will be coming to Singapore and Malaysia for a promotional tour from November 28 to December 3, 2012.

A household name in his native Korea, Tim’s first ever promotional visit to Southeast Asia, ‘INTO ASIA COMES TIM’S WORLD’, will have the fresh-faced Korean-American finally meeting his scores of beloved regional fans face to face.

Represented by Sony Music Entertainment Korea, Tim arrives riding on the success of his recent mini album release (‘A Long Day’) in November last year. This follows the remarkable sales of his previous five albums, the debut being ‘First TIM’ in 2003, which sold over 100,000 copies, garnered numerous awards including ‘Rookie of the Year’ at the Korean Music Awards and launched him into international fame.

Tim is a rare commodity in the Korean music world as he is comfortably bi-lingual in English and Korean and able to sing in both languages due to his American origins. He grew up in Philadelphia as the son of the pastor of a local church. His childhood was a time of great musical exploration as Tim spent it honing his vocal skills in the choir and mastered the saxaphone, drums, piano and guitar.

After he settled in his motherland, Tim has landed plum hosting roles such as MTV Korea’s ‘Tim’s World’, which followed the lives and struggles of musicians striving for their big break.

He has lent his voice to the original sound tracks of hit Korean dramas, including ‘Secret Garden’, ‘49 Days’, ‘A Thousand Kisses’, ‘Queen of Reversal’, and ‘How to Meet a Perfect Neighbour’ and has appeared in a number of popular Korean variety shows like ‘Strong Heart’, ‘Immortal Song 2’ (which features only the best singers in Korea), ‘Star King’, ‘Love Letter’, ‘Idol Olympics’, ‘Homme Triple X’, ‘X-Man’, ‘Star Golden Bell’, and ‘Heroine 6’.

Besides singing, Tim is also a modelling talent. He started modelling in the United States and continues to catwalk as a guest model for brands like Koshin Satoh from Japan and Andre Kim, famed Korean couture wedding gown master.

Most recently, Tim has been making waves in Indonesia, as he plays the lead in the Korean-Indonesian co-production, ‘Saranghae, I Love You’. This is his debut attempt as an actor in a drama series. The plot involves a love story between couples from different cultural backgrounds. Tim has further become a household name in the nation due to his duet with top Indonesian singer, Astrid, for the show’s theme song, ‘Saranghamnida’, which exploded across the country’s radio charts as a number one hit in April this year.

‘Saranghae, I Love You’ aired in Indonesia from July 16 to Aug 24 and earned the impressive average high rating of 7.5% (the highest being 10%).

Due to his popularity in Indonesia, Tim has recorded a track in Bahasa, entitled ‘Pahitnya Asmara’ (Love is Bad), making him possibly the first Korean singer to have done so in Indonesian language.

On Sept 29, Tim held his first solo concert in Indonesia before an audience of 8,000 at Lapangan D Senayan (where the last concert was held by American singer Jason Mraz in June 2012). His tickets commanded as high as SGD 450 per person.

In addition to pop music, Tim has recorded Christian music due to his religious upbringing. He is also recognized as an outstanding musical actor, having received raved reviews for playing the lead in ‘Organ in My Heart’ in 2011, which had all 40 shows sold out. Prior to that, Tim played the lead in other musicals such as ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ and ‘Jesus, Jesus’.

Come November, Tim will play opposite Jessica from Girls’ Generation in Broadway musical, ‘Legally Blonde’, in Seoul before embarking on his first S.E.A. fan-meeting showcase tour.
Finally, his passion for humanitarian causes has led him to take time off work to do volunteer work in Africa, Cambodia and Indonesia.


Hwang Young-Min, better known by his stage name, Tim, was born in Philadelphia, USA. His father was the pastor of a local church and Tim spent his childhood involved in numerous musical activities, such as honing his vocal skills in the choir and playing the alto saxophone in a jazz band.

In high school, his clean cut good looks enabled him to gain modelling and acting jobs. The idea of becoming a professional singer however, was never in his mind, until he was 19, when a Korean pop music producer listened to a tape of his. In 2000, Tim was presented with the opportunity to fly to Korea for an audition that could make his debut as a full-fledged pop singer.

Taking a huge leap of faith, Tim decided to give up his dream of becoming a pharmacist and fly to Seoul alone to pursue a singing career.

He spent his first two years in his motherland learning the Korean language and training hard for his debut. While in training, he made the fortunate acquaintance of top Korean song writer Yoon Sang. They forged a musical connection and Yoon Sang penned a soft ballad for Tim that perfectly showcased his expressive and emotional vocal quality, ‘Saranghamnida’ (I Love You.) The song appeared on his debut album, ‘First TIM’, which was released in April 2003 to great acclaim. Tim’s subsequent albums - ‘Second Breath’ (2004), ‘TIM’ (2006), ‘Love Is…’ (2007), ‘New Beginnings’ (2010) - have gained similar success and attained praise from K-pop industry veterans like Shin Seung Hun as well as legions of fans. Tim’s debut hit has been covered by many top Korean singers, including Jang Geun Suk, Shinhwa, TVXQ, Super Junior, Shinee, Se7en and Yoon Sang Hyun.

“INTO ASIA COMES TIM’S WORLD” fan-meeting showcase:
Singapore: Thursday, Nov 29, 8pm, Hard Rock Café Singapore (50 Cascaden Road)
SG ticketing agent: Event Clique. https://tickets.eventclique.com/leapims & Hard Rock Café
Kuala Lumpur: Sunday, Dec 2. Venue to be announced soon.
For more details on Tim Hwang’s upcoming tour:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/Timhwangasiatour
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TimAsiaFM

Friday, 19 October 2012

2NE1 Global Tour 2012 in Malaysia

2NE1 will perform in Malaysia for their first and one-night only concert in Stadium Melawati on 8 Dec 2012, 8.30pm; Concert organiser Running Into The Sun to launch ticket sales on 27 Oct, with ticketing details available within the next week.

19 October 2012 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) – Concert organiser Running Into The Sun (RITS) is pleased to announce that one of the hottest and most influential global music acts will be coming to Malaysia. Trailblazing K-pop girl group 2NE1, made up of 4 distinct individuals - CL, DARA, BOM and MINZY - will be making a stop here for their
2NE1 Global Tour- New Evolution concert on 8 Dec 2012, 8.30pm, at Stadium Melawati. Ticket sales start on 27 Oct with more ticketing details available from RITS within the next week. Regular updates will be posted on www.facebook.com/runningintothesun and @RITSmy on
Twitter. Strictly a
one-night only show with no further addition of tickets, this concert will mark the first time ever that 2NE1 are coming to Malaysia.

Embarking on their first ever World Tour, 2NE1 has achieved the distinction of being the first Korean girl group to hold a world tour. Known for their edgy music and unique fashion style which have distinguished them from other K-pop girl groups, 2NE1 have collaborated with world-renowned names such as The Black Eyed Peas, will.i.am, and fashion designer, Jeremy Scott, and gained recognition for their immense talent and influence by picking up MTV Iggy’s “Best New Band in the World” award in 2011.

Guaranteed to be a tour that Black Jacks, as 2NE1’s fans are called, will not forget,
2NE1 Global Tour 2012 in Malaysia - New Evolution is poised to be an amazing spectacle that will far exceed fans’ expectations, bringing an epic, world-class performance that will satiate any fans’ desire to see the girls perform. Coming together to help create the “New Evolution” tour is the ultimate dream team consisting of 4-time winner of the MTV Video
Music Award for Best Choreography, Travis Payne, who will be leading production and choreography, Divinity Roxx (musical director and bassist for Beyonce’s World Tour), leader of the band following 2NE1 on tour, Michael Cotten (production design for the Olympic Games and Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour) who will be staging a breath-taking production for the tour, and head costume designer and stylist, Jeremy Scott (Madonna,
Lady Gaga).

“2NE1 has established themselves at the forefront of K-pop girl groups, and we’re hugely excited to be bringing them to Malaysia for their first-ever concert here. It’s going to be a sensational feast for the senses, and fans will be treated to an awesome night of visually-stunning performances. We hope that by bringing in big acts such as 2NE1, the music scene in Asia will continue to be elevated to greater heights.” Says Beatrice ChiaRichmond,
Creative Director of Running Into The Sun.

2NE1 Global Tour 2012- New Evolution kicked off in Seoul on 28 and 29 July at the Seoul Olympic stadium to an audience of 20,000 fans, and will be brought to 10 cities in 7 countries throughout Asia, the Americas, and
Europe. Greatly anticipated by fans here, the concert is sure to be a feast for the senses with high-energy, fistpumping
music accentuated by explosive, dynamic dance moves. This tour will feature original designs by one
of the most influential fashion designers in the world, Jeremy Scott, and is the first time that a Korean girl
group will have specially designed stage costumes by a world-famous fashion designer.
2NE1 Global Tour 2012 in Malaysia - New Evolution
is managed by YG entertainment and organised
by Running Into The Sun.

2NE1’s Official Facebook Page:

For further information:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/

Thursday, 18 October 2012

'To The Beautiful You' actor Lee Hyun Woo @Sg Wang, KL

Fans meet and greet 'To the beautiful you ' actor Lee Hyun Woo at SG Wang, KL by Onehd (Onetvasia). The event started around 4.15pm, originally at 3pm. The place was full and packed. The event takes only 30 minutes, with introduction and Q&A session.

All five become winners...

Signing at the billboard..

Final Goodbye...

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Wonder Girls Wonder Tour Concert in Malaysia

So guys...it concert time...

    Did Wonder Girls rocked the house?? YES indeed, despite only half of the stadium seat occupied...The concert started around 7.30 pm with the opening by Terry Koo and Red Mouse.

    WG started with 'Like This' one of their hits....and followed by"This Fool" (이바보), Nu Shoes, boyfriend, tell me more...

   We saw solo by Yu Bin with rock version of 'so hot'....each of them sangs solo, Yenny with 'Hello to Myself' the Dream High 2 Ost, Hye Rim with a hip hop song.

SURPRISE!!! WG managed to make fans went wild when So Hee emerged on the stage clad  in red color 'baju kurung' (Malay traditional costume) just like they promised during the press conference... just that we don't expect them to wear our traditional costume.. after that each member appeared on stage all clad in baju kurung......The fans scream out their lungs...The interesting part was,  they even dance and sang to the 'Be My Baby' comfortably clad in baju kurung...

   The concert end almost 2 hours later, closing with  "Nobody".  

credit to cipotz

Monday, 15 October 2012

Wonder Girls Wonder World Tour Press Conference at Hilton KL

The press conference was delayed more than 1 hour. It supposed to start at 3pm but only kick off at 4.15 pm.

Eventhough it was delayed, Wonder Girls managed to cheer up the environment. Here are the summaries of the press conference and pictures.

1) WG had wonderful time evrytime they come to Malaysia. (This is their 4th time)
2) They would love to have JYP Nation concert in Malaysia.

3) Others member of WG very supportive to Sunye relationship. Sunye plan to announce if she has marriage plan.
4) WG debuted acting in U.S. The acting was in English so they had difficult time and also because of that was their 1st time acting.
5) For the concert they will wear traditional costume to surprise the fans.

6) WG currently preparing their U.S album.
7) Their idols. Hye Rim - Akon, Sunye -Beyonce, Yenny - Usher, Yu Bin - Katty perry, So Hee - Rihanna.

8) The hardest challenge was when they went to America to debut due to language barrier and culture. But it was also good for them since they got to experienced a lot of things.
9) They maintained their popularity by try to keep coming up with new music and be themselves.

10) For acting they would like to try : Hye Rim - romantic comedy, family, fantasy, Sunye - action, Yenny - action (cat woman), Yu Bin - action, romantic comedy, So Hee - wanna be teenager so she get to wear school uniform.

credit to cipotz

Stay tune for the concert coverage....