Friday, 28 June 2013

GDragon Bring the house down despite the Haze

It was a night to remember. Despite haze, Gdragon and his guest Taeyang were not disturbed by current weather. Held at Stadium National Bukit Jalil (which is open stadium), just like their Bigbang concert last year which they also had in an open stadium. And not to forget this is the first ever Gdragon concert was held at open stadium.I guess it only happen in Malaysia:)....

For almost 2 hours GD sang most of his popular songs such as Heartbreaker, Crayon, Breath, Obsession, She's gone, Michigo and not to forget from Bigbang songs Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby. Taeyang came out as an guest artist with his songs Where u at and Break Down.

Without further due here are all the snapshots taken during the concert....

Special thanks to RITS for the awesome concert and pictures.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

ONE HD Premiere - JULY

On behalf of ONE HD (astro b.yond ch:393) Here are what they have in store this July.

1. Empire Gold - Premieres 29 July, every Monday & Tuesday at 8.55pm. (First & Exclusive)

Empire of Gold is the collaborative work of writer Park Kyeong-soo and producer Jo Nam-gook of the multi award-winning 2012 Korean drama, The Chaser.

This new drama is set in the early 1990s, and follows the story of a ‘chaebol’ family over two decades. Empire of Gold traces the struggles among the family members through the turmoil of the Asian financial crisis then.

Empire of Gold is the comeback drama series for Go Soo (Will It Snow for Christmas?) after a three-year hiatus from TV, as he plays Jang Tae Joo, who lives through the toughest struggles from the lowest rungs of society to build his empire. Starring opposite Go is Lee Yo Won (49 Days) who takes the lead female role of Choi Seo-yoon, the wise daughter of the chaebol family and Jang’s love interest.

2. I Hear Your Voice - Premieres July 3, every Wednesday & Thursdayat 8.55pm. ( First & Exclusive)

I Hear Your Voice is a 16-episode fantasy romance court-room drama by Park Hye Ryun, the writer of Dream High. It stars Lee Jong-suk as Park Soo Ha, a high school boy with the supernatural ability to hear people’s thoughts.

He crosses paths with two public defenders who always get assigned defendants with virtually no chance of being acquitted. Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young, A Dirty Carnival) is a comical yet tenacious public defender, while her partner Cha Gwang Woo (Yoon Sang Hyun, Secret Garden), is a passionate police officer-turned-defender. Their work takes an interesting turn with Park’s help…

Catch the re-runs of your favourite shows:-

3.       Fashion King | Reruns 3 July, every Monday to Friday at 6.25pm

4.       To The Beautiful You | Reruns 31 July, every Monday to Friday at 6.25pm

5.       Ghost | Reruns 8 July, every Monday at 2.20pm

Monday, 17 June 2013


Dear Beloved readers,

Are you ready for the up coming events? Here are the highlights!!:-

1) 22 June 2013 -  Gdragon 2013 world tour concert One of Kind concert

2) 27 June 2013 - AIA Kpop concert

3) 29 June 2013 - Lee Minho Concert in Malaysia

Friday, 7 June 2013


We’re now less than 3 weeks away from G-Dragon’s first solo concert in Malaysia! With a fantastic party atmosphere that only an outdoor concert can provide, together with the bounding energy and enthusiasm of the Malaysian crowd (and GD of course!), this is sure to be a truly One Of A Kind concert!

Here are some updates on the concert:

Ticketing Updates
New seated category: CAT 5 RM458

With Cat 3 tickets sold out, seated categories were no longer available. To cater to those who haven’t been able to purchase tickets yet, we’ve worked hard to reconfigure the layout and created a new seated category – CAT 5 RM458. We do want to highlight that the safety of fans is of utmost priority, and we’ve taken care to ensure that there’s sufficient space in the XZone sections.

Maybank Discount
Maybank will be running a promotion on tickets for their cardmembers from 7-16 June. These are the details:

-          15% off Cats 2-5 tickets for Maybank cardmembers
-          Min. 2 tickets per purchase
-          Valid for online and outlet purchases
-          All payment has to be made using a Maybank credit or debit card
-          Valid from 7 – 16 June 2013
-          Visit for more info

Friends turn Rivals in Only Because It's You on ONE HD!

Friends turn Rivals in Only Because It’s You on ONE

Malaysia, 6 June 2013 – Every once in a while, we bump into friends that we have not met in ages and find much have changed. Yet he or she brings back a familiar part of our past, whether pleasant or otherwise, and the unexpected reunion can open up a new chapter of the friendship, and sometimes even more than that.
ONE’s upcoming South Korean drama series Only Because It’s You plays out such an interesting scenario as a lot happens after a trio of high school girl friends reunite in their mid-thirties – in fact 117 episodes trace their rekindled friendship that turns into a rivalry in life and love.
Premiering on 17 June airing from Mondays to Fridays at 10.10pm, in dual sound, first and exclusively on ONE, Only Because It’s You is a drama series that follows the joys and sorrows of reunited high school friends Kang Jin Joo, Yang Soo Bin and Yoon Gong Ja who once bravely skipped school together in the face of impending examinations.
Fast-forward 18 years, Yoon Hae Young (Love and Ambition) plays Jin Joo who is now married to Chun Myung Han (Park Hyuk Kwon, Deep Rooted Tree), has a bright and sweet young daughter, but has to work hard alongside her husband as colleagues in the same company.
In contrast, Soo Bin, played by Yoon Ji Min (Warrior Baek Dong Soo), has married into a well-to-do family, but is in an unhappy marriage that is already on the rocks. On the other hand, Gong Ja (Fashion King) is still unable to make up her mind about love and offers much of a comic relief in the series.
Afraid to be judged by each other, the trio of friends pretend that all is well and encourage each other. But when Soo Bin’s marriage eventually heads for a divorce, envy drives her to tempt Jin Joo’s husband. Soo Bin’s ex-husband Ji Hwan, (Lee Jae Hwang, Smile, Mom), will try to foil her attempt to steal Jin Joo’s husband. Things are never the same again for the three friends…
Only Because It’s You debuted in South Korea as a successful long running morning primetime drama series. It was directed by Shin Kyung Soo who was also part of the team behind the hit drama series Deep Rooted Tree.
Just as the chance reunion of old friends in Only Because It’s You looks far from being a blessing for Jin Joo, Soo Bin and Gong Ja, their friendship-turned-rivalry and struggles of life make for great emotive drama that comes to you this June only on ONE, the gem of Asian entertainment.
Only Because It’s You premieres on 17 June 2013
Airing from Mondays to Fridays at 10.10pm in dual sound
First and exclusively on ONE HD (Astro B.yond ch393)

LINE Rolls Out New Features for Personalised Experience

LINE Rolls Out New Features for Personalised Experience

  • Brand new features to allow immense customisations according to user preferences, including LINE character themes and social-oriented user interface on Official Accounts
  • Added security features to provide users a safe and convenient personal mobile space

Kuala Lumpur, May 29, 2013 – LINE, the world's leading mobile messenger, announced the launch of 3.7.0 update for Android and iOS smartphones. The new 3.7.0 version demonstrates LINE’s constant pursuit of advancement as a mobile messenger that provides users with a more personalised experience.

With the 3.7.0 update, users can customise their messenger interface with various themes. A Cony theme is available in the new version with other themes to be released in various phases, including the ones based on other LINE characters such as Brown. LINE has also infused social-oriented user interface to its previously chat-based-only Official Accounts to enable users to browse and share content more interactively. Without having to add any Official Accounts as friend, users have been granted access to preview the Home and Profile Page. Once added as a friend, all content on the Official Accounts can be posted on each user’s Timeline.

The new 3.7.0 version also comes with an added security feature that further augments user’s personalised experience. Users can now conveniently block or report other unknown users and hence avoiding unsolicited messages or suspicious group invitations. The added safety feature demonstrates LINE’s endeavors in taking one step ahead to address the increasing mobile internet conundrum, especially spam to ensure that mobile experience is kept to user’s personal space.

Mr Simeon Cho, General Manager of Global LINE Business said, “While evolving into a comprehensive mobile ecosystem, LINE will continue to develop new innovative ways to strengthen our intrinsic value as a mobile messenger. By second half of the year, users can expect many exciting features and user-friendly improvements to allow further customisation of mobile user experience. LINE will incessantly invest and evolve into a smartphone life platform that is integral to the lives of people around the world.”

Beyond the new features, LINE has also raised the level of convenience for the application. Sharing and storing photos has become easier with the ‘Photo’ feature in the chat room that shows all previously shared photos on one page. The joyful communication experience on LINE can also be enjoyed at the office or home with the recently upgraded PC messenger available for Windows and Mac OS X. LINE’s PC version is perfectly interlinked with the mobile messenger to maximise user convenience. In addition to the basic features such as free chat and voice calling, users can use the PC messenger to share large files in Microsoft Office format- ideal for school or office communication between colleagues.

ONE HD June Highlights | Only Because It's You & G-Dragon Special

On behalf of ONE HD (Astro B.yond Ch393), we would like to share with you what they have in store this June. Premiering on ONE HD are:-

1.       Only Because It’s You Premieres 17 June, every Monday to Friday at 10.10pm[First & Exclusive]

2.       G-Dragon Special
Thank You: G-Dragon (Part 1) | Premieres 29 June, Saturday at 3.15pm & 11.15pm [First & Exclusive]
Thank You: G-Dragon (Part 2) | Premieres 29 June, Saturday at 4.45pm & 30 June, Sunday at 12.45am [First & Exclusive]

Catch the re-runs of your favourite shows:-

3.       That Winter, The Wind Blows Reruns 1 June, every Saturday & Sunday at 3.15pm

4.       Rooftop Prince | Reruns 5 June, every Monday to Friday at 6.25pm

5.       The King of Dramas | Reruns 15 June, every Saturday at 12.45pm & 8.45pm


A Date with Zo In Sung.

Zo In Sung, the leading actor of drama That Winter, The Wind Blow held his first fan meeting in Kuala Lumpur on 21.5.2013. The tall and good looking actor looks fresh despite having entertained 2 groups of reporters before us. Contrary to his acting in melodramatic role, he is actually a fun and cheeky person and greeted us with smiles. He literally oozes with charm and wins all the ladies’ heart in that room.

During the half hour session, he answered around 30 questions thrown to him from the floor ranging from his 8 years absence, his role in the drama, the fan meeting and even to his beauty regime and he answered them in good nature.

After the last drama Spring Days in 2005, Zo In Sung finally makes a comeback in the drama That Winter, The Wind Blow alongside the beautiful and gifted actress Song Hye Kyo. The drama was a huge success and was the no 1 show among all international show in Astro Channel.

He never anticipated that the drama will be a huge success but he had feelings that it will be a good drama when he saw the script and the people involved in it and not to mention working with his favourite actress; Song Hye kyo. He described her to be a very beautiful and talented actress.

During the interview, he confessed that the character has some similarities with him and it was hard to let go of the character after living with it for almost 5 months. Being the first drama 8 years on hiatus, he gave his all for this drama and held meeting with the scriptwriter and the director as well as the original Japanese writer for him to better understand the character Oh Soo.

When asked about what is his expectation during the fan meeting which was held later in the evening, he cheekily replied that he knows that he at least have 13 fans because he only saw 13 fans waiting for him at the airport.

The fan meeting was held at the Upper Atrium of Paradigm Mall on the same days. As many as 5,000 fans were waiting to meet him.  He made his appearance around 8.00pm and he seems a bit awed and overwhelmed to be greeted by so many fans. It is definitely more than 13 people.

A few fans got selected to re-live the cotton candy scene and he selected the best pair and one lucky girl had the chance of her life; eating cotton candy with him! He was cheeky and suave at the same time and constantly waving and smiling in every direction. Though the session was a bit short, he leaves a great impression and a sweet memory for the fan.

Astro OneHD is currently running the rerun starting from 1 June 2013, every Saturday and Sunday at 3.15pm.