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Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Presented by Sparkle Roll Media Corporation, STX and Wanda Media, The Foreigner is an international action blockbuster directed by Martin Campbell, starring Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan and Katie Leung. The film is scheduled to open on 30th September in the cinemas in China, celebrating the Chinese National Day, and followed by the global release.

An upcoming crucial dual between Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan

The Foreigner tells a story of a thrilling journey of revenge. Quan (Jackie Chan) runs a small restaurant in the London China Town. One day, his daughter (Katie Leung) gets killed in a terrorist attack. The fact that the authorities fail to take action against the bombers leaves Quan not only heartbroken but furious. In order to bring the perpetrators to justice, Quan turns down Lin Baoyi (Liu Tao) and embarks on the journey of revenge alone, vowing to take on the terrorist organisation. At that moment, a crucial figure Hennesy (Pierce Brosnan) appears and discloses a complicated conspiracy… The film centres on the showdown between “King of Kung Fu” Jackie Chan and the “Top British Intelligence Officer” Pierce Brosnan; the fight between the two has attracted attention from audiences and critics alike.

Another masterpiece from the master of action blockbusters
Raising the showdown to an even higher level

In addition to the showdown between two superstars, Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan, the director of The Foreigner Martin Campbell has attracted a huge amount of attention in the media. Campbell not only revived the 007 franchises with GoldenEye and Casino Royale but re-defined the image of the lone hero Zorro in The Mask of Zorro and The Legend of Zorro. With such impressive track record, Campbell is undoubtedly the most suitable candidate for directing The Foreigner. Jackie Chan showers Campbell with praises. ‘Martin is one of the most professional and hard-working directors I’ve met. I’ve never seen any director like him since he spends more than ten or even twenty hours on the set each day. I truly respect and admire him!’ Having worked in Hollywood for years, Campbell is regarded as the master of Hollywood action blockbusters. His participation in The Foreigner certainly guarantees the production quality.

The set of newly unveiled stills enhance the various experiences Jackie Chan has been through, making it easier for the viewers to empathise with him. Furthermore, it adds a tragic feel to the film and intensifies the frisson between the two superstars before the final showdown.

Jackie Chan returns to Hollywood in style
Eagerly anticipated by audiences around the world

In recent years, Jackie Chan has appeared in films of different genres. Last year, he was awarded an honorary Oscar for his outstanding artistic achievement and global influence. Since 2010, Jackie Chan has shifted his focus to the Chinese-language film market. Apart from the voice performance in Kung Fu Panda, Jackie Chan has not appeared in any Hollywood blockbusters, and therefore The Foreigner signifies Jackie Chan’s return to Hollywood. Series of posters and trailers of The Foreigner released recently instantly receive extremely positive feedback; the most notably is that when the international trailer was released online, it became the most-viewed clip on the IMDB in 48 hours. On some well-known international film website, when the ratio of positive to negative reviews is 50:1, the film is regarded as a good one. The ratio of the positive to negative reviews that The Foreigner receives is up to 120:1, and that shows how eagerly the audiences anticipate the film. In China, the trailer has been viewed more than ten million times on Weibo and shared by tens of thousands viewers, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback. An internet user comments. ‘The name “Jackie Chan” always guarantees a great movie. This new production is bound to be another breakthrough in terms of Jackie Chan’s style!’ One can say that The Foreigner is seen as an innovative film that marks Jackie Chan’s unique aesthetics. The countless onscreen personas that Jackie Chan created have left a deep impression on the audiences around the world. In The Foreigner, Jackie Chan once again takes up the unprecedented challenges, increasing the audiences’ anticipation of the film.

So far the production has shown such promising quality that it signifies Jackie Chan’s successful return to Hollywood. As the core of the film, the battle between Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan intensifies, raising the viewers’ expectation even higher. The Foreigner opens in the cinemas in China on 30th September, celebrating the Chinese National Day and will be globally released afterwards. 

tvN Brand New Original Production features Nichkhun & Jun. K Exploring in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Lampang & Chiang

tvN’s brand new travelogue, Experience the Real Thailand, was shot in the past week in Thailand. Hosting the show are South Korean boy band 2PM members Nichkhun and Jun. K. The single episode programme aims at presenting the unique and REAL side of Thailand to Asian audiences through a fun, relaxing and authentic experience. The show is fully supported by Tourism Authority of Thailand (“TAT”).

Before shooting began, Mr. Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya, TAT’s Deputy Governor for Marketing Communications, attended a welcome dinner hosted by CJ E&M HK at the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Hotel, for Nichkhun and Jun. K. Although being a Thai-American, Nichkhun hasn’t spent much time in Thailand due to his overseas studies, the dinner gave him and Jun. K a chance to exchange with Mr. Chattan and deepen their understanding of the REAL Thailand and its culture before they embark on their journey in various cities of Thailand.

After a night’s rest, the duo officially started off their vacation in Thailand beginning with Bangkok. Their itinerary included cultural landmarks such as the Temple of Dawn and the Reclining Buddha Temple. They also enjoyed Thai fine dining, took a Muay Thai class and experienced a traditional Thai massage to soothe their body. The duo then travelled to Lampang, to get a chance to create their own Lampang bowl and visit the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre. Heading up north, Nichkhun and Jun. K spent some time in Chiang Mai, another popular tourist destination where tradition and modernity meet, to see the Tunnel Temple and savour every bite of mouth-watering Thai street food.

Both Nichkhun and Jun. K expressed total excitement towards their much-needed Thai getaway together, visiting some of the most iconic and unique spots, explore the REAL Thailand, as well as tasting all the oh-so-famous Thai cuisines. Nichkhun remarks, “I feel especially honoured to be hosting the show and hope that my Thai-root can help unveil the true charisma of Thailand to Asian audiences.” Jun. K expresses, “I have been longing for a good buddy trip with Nichkhun and the shooting presented this opportunity to make it happen. He is my tour guide and I relied on him wholeheartedly throughout the trip!”

tvN's brand new travelogue, Experience the Real Thailand, will be aired in early September, only on tvN. tvN is available in Asia-Pacific countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Australia, with subtitles in English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia and Thai. tvN, where fun takes off!

Experience the Real Thailand is fully supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Special thanks to the following sponsors (in alphabetical order):
Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Hotel
Le Méridien Chiang Rai Resort

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tvN, where fun takes off!

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The Battleship Island - Mall Appearance Photos

Here we go ...all the pictures you have been waiting for...