Saturday, 17 May 2014

ONE HD May Highlights

On behalf of ONE HD (Astro B.yond CH 393), there is a chnage on the premiere date in May for:-

ROOMMATE - Premieres 27 May 2014, every Tuesday at 11.45pm. [Newly released in Korea in April 2014]


Reality show featuring eleven Korean male and female celebrities living in the same house, with cameras capturing their daily interactions. Will they get along with one another? Watch ‘Roommate’ to follow the everyday life of your favourite star!

A new addition to channel ONE HD:

HEALING CAMP:Girls' Generation - Premieres 20 May 2014, Teusdya at 11.45 pm.

Healing Camp, Aren't You Happy (힐링캠프, 기쁘지 나이한가), or simply known as Healing Camp, is a South Korean talk show which began airing on July 18, 2011 on Monday nights at 11.15pm KST on SBS. It is hosted by comedian Lee Kyung Kyu, broadcaster Kim Je Dong and actress Sung Yu Ri. The program is known to have creatd a new genre of talk shows focused on 'healing', which have become the trend of talk shows in 2012 and 2013. healing Camp is also known for its superior casting capabilities, invitig top actors and actresses, as well as politicians, atheltes and other influential people who are not easily seen on entertainment programs.