Thursday, 11 June 2015

ONE HD July Show Premiere | "Run, Jang Mi" as "The Family Is Coming"

Tighten your shoelaces and get ready to Run with Jang Mi to catch how Lee Young Ah’s (Unemployed Romance) warm personality gets herself in making a better living after her wealthy father passed on:

·         Run, Jiang Mi | Premieres 20 July, every Monday to Friday at 10.10PM, 2 episodes back-to-back, First & Exclusive on ONE HD (Astro. B yond Ch 393)
This is a drama about a girl who was brought up in a wealthy family but loses everything when her father passes away.

Baek Jang Mi is a graduate student who is kind to everyone and has a warm personality. Her father is wealthy, but he dies suddenly, causing Jang Mi to lose everything and her life changes completely. While Jang Mi struggles to make a living, she meets Hwang Tae Ja who is the grandson of a food company president and they start to develop feelings for each other.

Go Joo Won, Lee Young Ah, Ryu Jin, Jung Joon, Yoon Joo Hee, Lee Shi Won

·         The Family is Coming | Premieres 29 July, every Tuesday to Friday at 7.40PM, First & Exclusive on ONE HD (Astro B. yond Ch 393)

Based on the popular novel “Halmaega Dolawatda" by Kim Bum.

A grandma who abandoned her family 50 years ago suddenly returns one day to distribute a 10-billion-won inheritance to her children and grandchildren. The family rom-com follows the different family members’ competition as they race to get their hands on the inheritance.

Starring: Lee Jung Hyun, Jin Yi Han, Oh Sang Jin